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news of the week

* Shooting and killings at Lebanese Palestinian refugee camp.
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* Japanese Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries dead.
* many bomb explosions at Iraq


New Boeing 737 on Lion airlines

new Boeing 737 on Lion airlines.


This week news.....

...Shooting at USA university
South Korean kid shoot 32 peoples in USA university.
...Demolishon at Baghdad
Terror at Baghdad. USA must retreat from Iraq.

***USA always think only about USA white peoples.***
They don't think about Black, Asian, Arab inside USA, and outside of USA too.


global news : TonyWMD

Extreme LOL!! (LOL)

A drop curtain in protest against next generation nuclear weapon development program advocated in front of the Diet building of London. It is written that "Tony (Prime Minister Blair) loves weapons of mass destruction".


Deathstriker's liberation network

Deathstriker's liberation network
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global news : bomb strike targetted vice president

Theres was a suicide bombing on 27th in front of Bagram U.S.A. Air Force Base in the suburbs of Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. Vice President of Cheney U.S.A. during country visit stayed in a base, but there was not an injury and he was safe. The Islam warlord Taliban gave claim of responsibility that they aimed at the Vice President.


global news : USA froze space cooperation with China

Because China attack satellite in January 11, USA announced that USA broke future cooperation with China in the field of private space development.